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Does my subscription need to stay active to keep my site's metrics Certified?

As long as you have a subscription in good standing and have the Alexa Certify Code installed on the majority of your site, your site's metrics will remain Certified. However, if we later find that the code is missing from a large amount of your pages we will remove your site's Certification. Also if you cancel your subscription the Certification will only remain active until the end of your current subscription term, at which point the certification will be removed.


Note that if we find that the Alexa Certify Code is missing, we will give you one month to fix the issue. If you don't fix it within that month, then we will continue to measure your site's traffic but your site's metrics will no longer be Certified. If you fix the issue after the month has passed, you can get your site's metrics Certified again but you will need to wait 21 days for us to calculate new Certified rankings for your site.

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