What are Alexa Audits?

The Alexa Site Audit is a powerful tool to help you optimize your site’s performance.  Our Audit reports contain personalized analysis and specific recommendations for improving SEO, usability, and more.  

We offer one Audit option:

  • a Full Site Audit which includes the SEO report plus more in-depth recommendations to improve your site’s usability, security, analytics tag coverage, and back links. 
    • The Site Audit report is generated once per month for subscribers to our Essentials ($99/month) plans and includes an analysis of 10,000 pages on your site.
    • The Site Audit report is generated once every 2 weeks for subscribers to our Advanced ($149/month), Agency ($299/month), and Advanced High Traffic ($799/month) plans and includes an analysis of 10,000 pages on your site.

For each Audit our crawler visits your website and goes over it in depth, analyzing its structure, meta data, and links. This is a comprehensive crawl, but it’s also "polite" -- since we don't want to hammer a site with a barrage of requests, we spread out the requests over a number of hours (up to a day for larger sites).

Once the crawl is complete, we compile a downloadable report for you that includes an Overall Grade, individual grades on the most important aspects of your site, and a list of critical steps you can take to make your site better.

Your first Audit report is generated right after you add a site to your subscription. During a free trial period, you will have access only to the grades. The entire report is available once the free trial is over and your paid subscription begins. You have the option of ending your free trial early to see the full report right away.

Your Audit runs automatically on a regular schedule.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

For a tour of our Site Audit reports, visit our Features page.