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Why does Alexa say my visitors come from country X?

For most sites, the Audience Geography estimates come from our global sample. For sites with Certified metrics, the site owner can choose to have the Audience Geography information based on directly measured data for the site. As sites’ traffic ranks grow farther away from 1, the amount and quality of the data lessens. Past 100,000, we have a very limited amount of data.

We display the site’s traffic rank in the country where the greatest proportion of its users are located (based on the Alexa global sample or Certified Site Metrics). This might not be the same country in which the website is located. 

If we do not display a country traffic rank for a site, it means that we do not have sufficient traffic sample data to do so. Keep in mind that the standard Alexa traffic rank is the GLOBAL traffic rank, not the country one. The country traffic rank is only displayed if there is enough sample data. You can always get your site’s metrics Certified to gain access to the directly measured country traffic rank for your site.

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