Can I see more historical data than what’s shown on the Alexa website?

Yes, you can get historical data going back up to 4 years using the Alexa Web Information Service at Note that you must be a programmer in order to use this service.

Site Overview pages only show rank data for the last year. Rank, reach %, pageviews %, pageviews/user, bounce %, and time on site data going back 3 years is available in Site Comparisons.* To get older data you can use the Traffic History "Action" of the Alexa Web Information Service . The Traffic History action gives programmatic access to Alexa Rank, Reach, and Pageviews going back up to 4 years.

To get the data you will need to Sign up for the Alexa Web Information Service and modify one of the sample programs:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Sign up for AWIS” button and follow the procedure to Sign Up
  3. Get your Security Credentials –  Your AWS Access Key, and a Secret Key
  4. Download one of the sample programs from here:
  5. Use your AWS Access Key and Secret Key to make a request with one of the sample programs
  6. Modify the sample program to get the information you are interested in

The sample program makes a request like this:


Which would get back an XML response like this:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<aws:TrafficHistoryResponse xmlns:aws=”“>
<aws:Response xmlns:aws=”“>
*Site Comparisons displays historical data for the past 6 months by default.  Additional date ranges are available with our Alexa Pro Insight, Advanced, Agency, and Advanced High Traffic plans.