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What are the most recent updates to Alexa?

Alexa Product Improvements and New Features


Release date: July 24 - Sprint 0725

New: We released the Audience Interests tools, which is available to Alexa Advanced and Agency Plan subscribers. This tool allows you to deeply explore the interests of a particular site's audience. Learn what types of sites they visit, and which specific sites they have a strong preference for. In addition, you can do targeted keyword and backlink research based on the sites and categories that you discover through the tool.



Release date: May 9 - Sprint 0517

Improved: We added two more roles to the Alexa Agency Plan - the Project Manager and Basic roles. The addition of these roles gives you maximum flexibility to manage your account, including allowing key members of your team to add or remove members as "Project Managers", or to invite contractors to only one project as "Basic" users.



Release date: April 6 - Sprint 0104

New: We released the Alexa Agency Plan to help agencies and consultancies work with a portfolio of clients. With this plan, it's easy to keep track of client projects via the Project Hub, to run Site Audits on client sites, to do competitor, backlink and keyword research, and to identify new prospects using Alexa tools like Audience Overlap.



Release date: February 14 - Sprint 0214

Improved: We fixed an issue with the Alexa Wordpress plugin. It's now on version 4.1.1. The Wordpress plugin makes it easy to add Alexa Certify code to your Wordpress website or blog. Learn more here.


Release date: February 14 - Sprint 0214

Improved: We made usability improvements to Keywords Workspace (available for the Essentials and Advanced plans). The Keywords Workspace allows you to save keywords, that you plan to target for SEO or PPC, from many of the other Alexa tools. Once in the Workspace, you can prioritize the keywords, make notes related to them, download them, or add categories and tags to make them easier to organize and find. This section of the Workspace is now even easier to use!



Release date: Feb 1 - Sprint 0131

Improved: We added AMP metrics to the Certified Site Metrics section for all subscriber levels. For sites that are Certified and that have AMP tracking installed, you can now see the Unique Visitors, Visits and Pageviews for the AMP pages of your website.



Release date: December 15 - Sprint 1215

New: We added support for AMP pages to Alexa Certified Site Metrics. In addition to tracking traffic to your site's normal pages, Alexa now also tracks traffic to AMP pages (if you have AMP pages on your website). AMP pages are pages that are designed for a better mobile user experience and the AMP project is supported by Google. To learn more about AMP, click here. To learn more about Alexa Certified Metrics, click here.


Release date: October 31 - Sprint 1101

Improved: We made two improvements to the Audience Overlap Tool's Visualization View. The first was to improve the clustering operation, which results in better "clustering" of related sites. The second improvement was to add varying degrees of thickness to the lines that connect sites. Thicker lines between sites indicates a stronger relationship than those connected with thinner lines. This makes it easier to spot strong relationships between sites, especially when hovering over a particular site to highlight sites that connect to it.


Release date: October 25 - Sprint 1101

Improved:  In order to make it easier to navigate through the site, we made improvements to the left side menu. These improvements included making it narrower (to be able to show more data for the various tools), making it easier to collapse and expand the whole menu by clicking the "Menu" button, as well as allowing individual sections to collapse expand independent of the other sections.


Release date: Oct 9 - Sprint 1018

New: We've updated the Audience Overlap Tool. Insight, Essentials and Advanced users can now explore more sites related to one or more seed sites that are input into the tool. In addition, there's a new Visualization View for easier exploration of the results set. The Table View now has an option to download all of the results from any Audience Overlap analysis.


Release date: Sept 26 - Sprint 1004

New: We added an overview section for Site Keywords that provides useful summary data about the site being analyzed, including the following: the top 10 keywords driving organic search traffic, high share of voice keywords for the site, the number of organic and paid keywords (and their distribution along popularity ranges), and a visualization of the top 15 Keyword Clusters (representing highly represented topics). This makes it very easy to see "at a glance", what the site is focused on and where it's having some success in search, both paid and organic.


Release date: Aug 23 - Sprint 0823

New: We added the Keyword Clusters visualization functionality to the Site Keywords tool. This helps you explore a particular site's major topics and to discover new topics and keywords for use in your SEO, PPC or Content Marketing campaigns. View your site's major topics in the Keyword Clusters tab or see which topics drive traffic to your top competitors (either organic or paid). This Keyword Cluster visualization is now available for Advanced users in both the Site Keywords tool (new) and the Competitor Keyword Matrix (where you can include up to 10 sites).



Release date: July 19 - Sprint 0719

Improved: We improved the Site Keywords tool. This tool allows you to see the keywords used to find a given site in the search engines. The improvements include combining organic and paid keywords on the same table (previously they were presented separately) and adding sorting to all columns as well as Filters and Use Cases to allow for detailed analysis and exploration of the keywords. In addition, we added the Share of Voice data to this tool so you can see how this site compares to other sites who also rank for that same keyword. This is a valuable tool that can be used to find which keywords a particular site is dominating in the search engines. Alexa Advanced Subscribers can access this tool while Insight and Essentials users can access the tool with the organic keywords, but not the paid keywords.


Release date: June 15 - Sprint 0621

New: We’ve introduced a new plan called “Essentials.” The Essentials plan provides a broad set of tools for your SEO, competitive analysis, and Certified Alexa Rank needs. This plan includes the valuable Monthly Unique Visitors (MUV) data and full Site Audits. You also gain limited access to powerful search engine marketing tools such as Competitor Keyword Matrix, Keyword Difficulty, and Keyword Share of Voice. Please take a look at the Essentials plan offering at


Release date: May 12 - Sprint 0510

Improved: We added the ability to download PNG images of the Share of Voice reports from the Competitor Keyword Matrix described below for easy sharing or to add to presentations.


Release date: April 26 - Sprint 0426

New: We added a summary report for the keywords tab of the Competitor Keyword Matrix (for Alexa Advanced Plan subscribers). This report shows (for up to 10 sites) the weighted Share of Voice for Organic and Paid Keywords, the number of keywords for each site as well as data about Average Popularity and Average Competition scores (organic and paid). See a screenshot below.



Release date: March 28 - Sprint 0329

Improved: We made some usability improvements to the visualization on the Competitor Keyword Matrix. If you're an Advanced Subscriber (or are on a trial), you can find the visualization on the "Clusters" tab of the tool.


Release date: March 15 - Sprint 0315

New: We added a visualization to the Competitor Keyword Matrix on the "Clusters Tab". This interactive visualization allows you to view bubbles for the clusters of keywords and to click them to see sub-clusters within each cluster. From there, you can click a sub-cluster to see what keywords it contains. This is a great way to discover topics that are covered on competitor sites and that drive traffic to them. It also helps you explore the topics that are driving visits to your own site. This (and the update below) is for subscribers of the Advanced Plan.



Improved: We added several more Use Cases to the Competitor Keyword Matrix. The new use cases include ones to find “The Overlap of Organic and Paid Keywords”, “The Most Common Organic Keywords”, “The Top Organic Keywords” and “The Top Paid Keywords”. You can learn more about Use Cases in this post on the Alexa Blog: 5 Ways to Benchmark Your Organic and Paid Keyword Strategies Against the Competition.


Release date: February 16 - Sprint 0215

New: We added Paid Keywords to the Competitor Keyword Matrix so it now displays both organic and paid scores for up to ten sites at at time. This tool is available for Advanced subscribers only.



Improved: In order to make filtering large sets of keywords in the Competitor Keyword Matrix easier, we added four "Use Cases". Use Cases allow Advanced subscribers to quickly narrow large sets of keywords based on certain goals (e.g. finding "buyer" or "long-tail" keywords). More Use Cases will be introduced to the tool in the upcoming sprint.


Release date: February 1 - Sprint 0201

New: We released the third module for the Workspace, the Sites Workspace tab for subscribers of the Alexa Advanced plan. In addition to Keywords and Lists of Sites, the Sites Workspace becomes the dedicated place to save websites, from many of the Advanced tools, that are of interest, or that require future research or action. Sites listed in the Sites Workspace feature data such as Alexa Rank, Monthly Unique Visitors (MUV) and Sites Linking In, as well as any Categories, Tags, Notes or Priority that you add to each site. Read more about it here: Sites Workspace FAQ.

Improved: In conjunction with the Sites Workspace, we added a widget to several tools for subscribers of Alexa Advanced service. The widget allows you to quickly add sites to the Sites Workspace (by clicking the "star" icon next to any site) from the Share of Voice, Site Screener, Audience Overlap and LinksIn tools. It also provides the ability to launch other tools to further evaluate any site using the widget.


Release date: November 28 - Sprint 1207

New: We introduced the Competitor Backlink Checker for Advanced subscribers. This tool allows you to compare the backlinks for up to 10 sites at the same time. It helps you find opportunities for guest posting, inclusion in online lists, to find writers covering your space, to get new reviews for your product or service, to find strong affiliates promoting competitors and to identify industry directories.



Release date: November 17 - Sprint 1116

Improved: We updated the User Interface for the Competitor Keyword Matrix to make it easier to use. The tool helps Advanced plan subscribers find keywords that their competitors are using to get traffic from the search engines (and where they have gaps in their keyword strategy).


Release date: October 7 - Sprint 1005

Improved: For the Keyword Workspace (for Advanced subscribers), we added the ability to bulk edit saved keywords. This allows you to add categories, tags, priority or notes to multiple keywords at the same time which improves the ability to organize and keep track of important keywords.

Improved: For all plans, we improved the connectedness of the different Alexa tools with some enhancements to Site Comparisons and Site Overviews. In these two tools, we added links which allow you to quickly get more details in areas such as keywords driving traffic to a site, sites linking into a site as well as an easy way to create a Competitor Keyword Matrix (for a list of sites) from the Site Comparison page. We also enhanced the “Related Sites” section of the Site Comparison tool for Advanced Subscribers by changing the section to “Similar Sites” and pulling similar sites from the Audience Overlap Tool.


Release date: September 26 - Sprint 1005

Improved: Subscribers who have connected their Google Search Console data to Alexa now have access to a vastly increased volume of landing pages and associated metrics. They can then run On-Page SEO Checker reports on up to 25 URL/keyword combinations at a time via the Landing Page Explorer. (Advanced plans only)


Release date: September 21 - Sprint 914

New: We've added a new section to the Workspace, which is available to customers with Advanced plans. The new Site List Workspace allows you to save sets of sites that are created in other tools such as the Audience Overlap Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix or Site Comparison. In addition to site lists, the Workspace also allows you to save keywords. Learn more about the Workspace here.


Release date: September 16 - Sprint 914

Improved: For Advanced plans, we made an update to the Competitor Keyword Matrix. We have added Clustering to the tool so that the keywords can now be grouped into related sets and analyzed in Clusters and Sub-clusters. In addition, the full list of keywords can be downloaded with the Cluster and Sub-cluster information included. This is a Data Labs feature, which means that we continue to work on it to refine the results of the clustering analysis.


Release date: September 15 - Sprint 914

New: Insight-level plans now have access to our Site Screener tool, previously available only in Advanced plans. You can use this tool to generate a list of sites that meet certain criteria -- keywords, Alexa rank ranges, etc. We also redesigned the tool with new filters and access to the sitewide left-hand tool navigation. 


Release date: August 17 - Sprint 803

New: Advanced-level plan customers can now opt to use their site's Google Search Console data in certain Alexa tools. Initially, GSC data can be used to identify underperforming landing pages to run through our On-Page SEO Checker. More GSC and GA data integrations will be rolled out in the coming weeks. 


Release date: July 14 - Sprint 713

New: We have introduced the Alexa Workspace which allows you to save keywords from any of the Alexa keyword tools and to add information about those keywords (such as notes, priority, categories or tags). This is available in Alexa Advanced Plans.


Release date: June 23 - Sprint 622

New: We added a new Keyword tool to the Advanced-level plans, the Competitor Keyword Matrix. This tool allows you to research the keywords that your competitors are ranking for in the search engines. It's a great way to identify new keyword opportunities and to see where your site has gaps versus the competition.



New: A new research tool, the Audience Overlap Tool, was added for Alexa Advanced plans. This tool (based on keyword and visitor overlap) helps you identify sites that are very similar to a target site. Once identified, these sites can then be analyzed further with the Competitor Keyword Matrix or Site Comparison tools. A free version (with some limits) is also available by clicking here: Audience Overlap Tool.



Release date: June 15 - Sprint 622

Improved: We greatly expanded the export capacity for Site Screener. You can now export data for to up to 10,000 sites in a single CSV. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only) 


Release date: June 2 - Sprint 601

Improved: The logged-in navigation was improved to make it easier to see everything that's available to you in your plan. 


Release date: May 31 - Sprint 601

Improved: Based on customer requests, we made some more enhancements to the Keyword Difficulty tool. Now you can add your "seed word" query to your Favorites list. You can also export your Favorites list as a CSV. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: May 12 - Sprint 511

New: We added yet another brand new SEO tool to the Advanced-level plans. With the On-Page SEO Checker, you can scan a page on your site and find out exactly how it can be better optimized for search engines. A few tweaks might be all that's needed to reap the benefits of increased search traffic! (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: March 30, 2016 - Sprint 309

Improved: The Keyword Difficulty tool was updated to include in the results set keywords that are already driving traffic to the site, so you can compare them to potential new keywords. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: March 9, 2016 - Sprint 309

Improved: Further improvements made to the new Keyword Difficulty tool. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)



Release date: February 19, 2016 - Sprint 217

Improved: The new Keyword Difficulty tool now offers a "favorites list" that allows you to save specific keyword ideas to work on later. We also added a Dashboard card, which can be used to kick off a new search, quickly re-run recent searches, and review recently favorited keywords. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: January 28, 2016 - Sprint 127

New: A brand new SEO tool has been added to the Advanced-level plans. This tool enables you to identify the keywords you're most likely to be able to rank for. It uses the power of data and analytics to take the guesswork out of organic search, so you can focus your efforts where they'll have the best chance of success. 

For now, the tool is accessible through the Quick Links bar on the new Dashboard. Look for the link that says "Keyword Opportunities (New)." We'll be rolling it out more widely soon. It's part of our Data Lab program, giving customers early access to new capabilities that we're actively working on. 


Release date: January 6, 2016 - Sprint 106

New: New Pro customers are now defaulted to our new Dashboard, and by answering just two quick questions, can have it set up automatically with relevant metrics so they can start using our tools more quickly and effectively.

New: Non-Pro subscribers can now try out the new Dashboard via a link at the top of the old Dashboard. 

Improved: On Site Overviews for sites ranked > 100,000, historical rank graphs are now available to all logged-in users.

Improved: To help customers get the most from our Keyword Research tools, we added links from the tools to our new Getting Started guides. 


Release date: December 16, 2015 - Sprint 1216

New:  We've completely redesigned the Dashboard! For now, Pro subscribers can try it out via a link at the top of the old Dashboard. Alexa's new Dashboard offers easier access to tools, at-a-glance summaries of key metrics that are updated daily, and an improved mobile experience. We'll be continuing to enhance and refine the new design over the coming weeks, and welcome all feedback -- click on the survey link in the notifications panel to let us know what you think. The old Dashboard will remain available into 2016, and we'll provide updates about the transition timeline when the switchover date is determined.


Release date: August 6, 2015 - Sprint 805

Improved: Logged-in users now see a different top navigation bar, one more focused on product-related activities. For these users, non-product content such as the Home page and Pricing information is now consolidated in a Menu drop-down. Users who are not logged in should see no change.

Improved: Upgrading plans during a Free Trial period no longer requires ending the trial prematurely.

Improved: Additional search capabilities were added to the Site Screener (Advanced only).


Release date: July 14, 2015 - Sprint 715

Improved: We updated the Alexa rank graphs on Site Overview pages to show average ranks based on the trailing 3 months, rather than the trailing 30 days. This is less subject to fluctuation, and the smoother graphs make it easier to see real business trends.


Release date: June 24, 2015 - Sprint 624

New: Loyalty Metrics (derived from Monthly Unique Visitors, Visits, and Pageviews) were added to Site Overview. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

New: Monthly Visits and Pageviews were added to Site Comparisons. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

Improved: SEO and Full Site Audit reports now show more granular grades for each subcategory. (Insight, Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

Improved: Data visualizations throughout the site now have updated colors, to make them easier to read and understand.


Release date: June 6, 2015 - Sprint 603

New:  Filtering by U.S. monthly unique visitors and monthly pageviews was added to the Site Screener. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: May 18, 2015 - Sprint 513

New: A new "Site Screener" tool which finds websites that match a specific set of filters was added to the Advanced Plans. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: May 13, 2015 - Sprint 513

New: Estimated Monthly Visits and Pageviews were added alongside Monthly Unique Visitors on Site Overviews, subject to data availability. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

Improved: A specific "last updated" date was added to Monthly Unique Visitors/Visits/Pageviews displays. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: May 6, 2015 - Sprint 513

New: The Keyword Research tool and Organic & Paid Keyword Insights are now available in the Insight subscription plan and above.


Release date: April 22, 2015 - Sprint 422

New: Monthly Unique Visitor estimates were added to Site Comparisons. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

New: A Keyword Tool widget was added to the Dashboard, with shortcuts to new and previous searches. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

Improved: Top Sites and other pages were optimized for mobile browsing.


Release date: April 1, 2015 - Sprint 401

New: An onboarding slideshow tour was added for new subscribers.

New: A “Headlines” summary feature was added to Site Comparisons.

Improved: Metrics for up to six different countries are now being shown for Monthly Unique Visitor estimates on Site Overviews. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: March 11, 2015 - Sprint 311

New: Monthly Unique Visitor estimates were added to Site Overviews. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: February 18, 2015 - Sprint 218

New: A CSV export function was added to Keyword Tools and Sites Linking In. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

New: Data visualizations were added for Traffic Sources on Site Comparisons. (Insight, Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

New: Data visualizations were added for Reputation Metrics on Site Comparisons. (Basic, Insight, Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

New: Any chart on a Site Comparison can now be downloaded as an image file.      


Release date: January 28, 2015 - Sprint 128

New: Site Audits (Full and SEO Reports) were completely overhauled! (Insight, Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

  • All-new design that’s easier to read and use
  • New grading algorithm to better reflect a site’s potential for improvement
  • Recommendations and explanatory content were updated and reviewed by web experts


Release date: December 29, 2014 - Sprint 107

Improved: Various updates were made to the payment system.

Improved: Various updates were made to the account management tools.


Release date: December 17, 2014 - Sprint 1217

Improved: Various updates were made to the payment system.

Improved: Various updates were made to the account management tools.


Release date: November 24, 2014 - Sprint 1126

New: Support was added for EU Value Added Tax calculation, payment, and reverse charges.


Release date: November 11, 2014 - Sprint 1105

Improved: Various updates were made to the payment system.


Release date: October 2, 2014 - Sprint 1002

Improved: The Alexa Wordpress plugin for certified sites was updated to support the latest version.


Release date: Sept 24, 2014 - Sprint 924

Improved: The onboarding flow for new subscribers was updated to get them started faster.

Improved: The monthly page view limit for Advanced High Traffic was increased to 1 billion.


Release date: July 23, 2014 - Sprint 723

New: A CSV export function was added to Site Comparisons. (Basic, Insight, Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

Improved: Demographics data visualizations were redesigned. (Basic, Insight, Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)

Improved: Several updates were made to improve Alexa rank graphs on Site Overview pages:

  • Graphs now show average ranks based on the trailing 30 days, versus plotting rank day-by-day (which was highly subject to fluctuation).
  • Smoother graphs make it easier to see real business trends.
  • The graphs are now focused on the past year of data, which is most actionable and relevant. Data over longer time periods remains available in Site Comparisons. 
  • Traffic graph widgets (which site owners place on their own sites) are also now focused on the past year of data. 


Release date: June 11, 2014 - Sprint 611

New: The new Keyword Research tool was released, allowing you to look up a keyword and see what sites are receiving traffic from it. (Advanced & Advanced High Traffic only)


Release date: May 21, 2014 - Sprint 521

New: A new Pro subscription plan, Advanced High Traffic, was made available to serve sites with up to 500 million pageviews per month.  

Improved: Pageview limits on the Advanced plan were increased to 200 million per month, up from 150 million.  


Release date: April 25, 2014 - Sprint F3

Improved: Dozens of “Fix, Fit & Finish” improvements were made to polish the new design.


Release date: April 10, 2014 - Sprint M5

New: Alexa launched its first major redesign in 5 years!

  • Pages were completely updated and re-organized based on user research and current industry best practices, making the site faster and easier to use.
  • Deeper organic and paid site keywords are now available. (Advanced only)
  • Historical Traffic Trends were extended from 6 months to 3 years back. (Insight and Advanced only)
  • Website search functionality was simplified and re-focused on URL lookup while the broader search feature is redesigned.
  • You no longer need to have a website to sign up for an Alexa subscription and enjoy the benefits of our Pro plan features!
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