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How do I read the Audience Demographics data?

The bars in the ‘Who visits’ section of our Site Overview pages display how popular a given site is, relative to the general internet population.  The size of the bar illustrates the relative strength of the under- or over-representation.

There are a couple key points to reading the demographics data:

  1. Make sure you read the hover text for the datapoint.   It describes in words what the data actually means and also gives you the confidence of the data.
  2. The size of the bar does not indicate the number or percentage of people in each group.
  3. If the bar is very small, it means that that site is under-represented in that demographic. It does not mean that few people in that group visit the website.
  4. If the bar is in the middle, it means that the representation of that specific group on the site is similar to that group's overall internet population.
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