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Opting Out of Alexa Measurement Pixel

This FAQ addresses opting out of Alexa Measurement Pixel, please note that this is unrelated to your site's listing on Alexa.

Website owners can install Alexa code on their website as part of our Certified Site Metrics feature. When a page containing the Alexa code is loaded, information about that activity is transmitted to Alexa. The information collected by this service helps website owners understand visitor behavior on their websites, and also improves Alexa's public website metrics. For more information about the information we collect, please see our Privacy Policy.

If you prefer to not be counted by this service, you may opt out by adding the following lines to your computer's "hosts" file:

This edit will prevent the Alexa code from functioning any time you load a website on which the Alexa code is used, but will otherwise not change your computer's behavior in any way. This method of opting out is more reliable than a cookie-based opt-out, as it works across all browsers on your computer, and is not lost if you clear your computer's cookies.

For information about modifying your "hosts" file, please see this Wikipedia article:

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