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Are taxes charged on Alexa subscriptions? 

Depending on the laws in the customer's location, Alexa subscription charges may include tax. Prices shown on our Plans and Pricing page are exclusive of tax. The tax charges, if any, are displayed during the checkout process and on invoices.

If your organization is tax-exempt, please let us know before you subscribe, or before your next monthly payment date if you are already subscribed, so we can charge you appropriately. 

Sales Tax for US Customers

Sales tax is included for customers in the following states:

State Effective Date
Hawaii April 1, 2017
South Dakota February 1, 2017
District of Columbia (Washington, DC) October 1, 2016
South Carolina January 1, 2016
Ohio June 1, 2015
New Jersey April 1, 2015
New York April 1, 2015
Washington State April 1, 2015


VAT for EU Customers

Alexa also applies Value-Added Tax to sales of Alexa products to private (non-business) customers in the European Union. All VAT collected from EU customers is paid to the tax authority of the appropriate EU member state.

Alexa is not required to apply VAT to EU business customers. If you are established in the EU with a valid EU VAT registration number issued to you by one of the EU member states, make sure that you have provided it to us with your Payment Information. Upon verification of the VAT number, we will omit VAT from your future Alexa purchases. Please note that you may have to self-account for VAT in your local VAT return for any purchases of products from Alexa.

Sales Tax for Russian Customers

In accordance with Russian VAT legislation that subjects remote services to tax, Alexa is required to charge VAT on cross-border supplies of remote services to customers located in Russia as of January 1, 2017. Unless a customer has provided their SRN/SRNIE registration number, Alexa will collect and remit Russia VAT at a standard rate from residents of Russia.

Sales Tax for Australian Customers

In accordance with Australian indirect tax legislation, Alexa is required to charge GST to customers located in Australia as of July 1, 2017 where it will collect and remit Australian GST at the standard rate. However, where a customer provides an Australian Business number, they will be seen to be making a declaration that they are a business registered for GST in Australia where the supply was acquired for the purpose of that business, and in such a case, GST will not be charged.

Taiwan Customers

In accordance with Taiwan cross border 'Electronically Supplied Services' legislation, in order to support the position where VAT is not being charged on our subscriptions we require a Taiwan UBN number to validate that you are a  business. As of October 2019, we will no longer provide services to Taiwan customers without a Taiwan UBN number.

Singapore Customers

In accordance with Singapore cross border 'Electronically Supplied Services' legislation that becomes effective from January 1, 2020, in order to support the position where VAT is not being charged on our subscriptions we require a Singapore GST number to validate that you are a business. As of December 2019, we will no longer provide services to Singapore customers without a GST number.

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