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Getting Familiar with Your Alexa Audit

  • Introduction

    This article will introduce you to your Alexa Site Audit. Learn what you get, when you get it, and how you can use the tool to gain more visibility and authority in search.

    Your website is the face of your business. It's how customers and potential customers get in touch with you, learn about you, and buy from you.

    The web is a crowded, noisy space for customers to navigate. And it's your job to make discovering the information they need quick and frictionless.

    Your Alexa Site Audit is a powerful tool to help you do just that.

    Here's how you can leverage your Audit to be more visible to your customers, and create a seamless user experience that will keep them coming back.

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  • What's included in my Alexa Audit?

    If you signed up for the Advanced and Agency plan, you'll receive the Full Site audit once every two weeks.

  • The Crawl

    Alexa Audits start with an in-depth crawl of your website. The crawl explores your site's structure, meta data, and links.

    We crawl up to 10,000 pages.

    To ensure a complete report, make sure your site's robots.txt file or server isn't blocking any of our crawlers from viewing pages on your site.

    We spread out the crawl resources it takes to gather all important information over a number of hours so we don't slow down your site. For this reason, we recommend allowing up to 24 hours for us to generate your Audit.

  • The Report

    Once the crawl is complete, we generate a comprehensive report for you that covers 32 different criteria. You can access your report through the My Audits widget on your Dashboard.

    If you have an Advanced subscription, your full Site Audit Report will look like this:

    The report will include your overall grades in each category and a list of action items you should address - all in a navigable interface so you can zoom to the sections that are most important to you.

    Each section includes a description for what the topic is about and recommendations on how to fix it. Like this:

    Your first Audit report is generated for you right after you add a site to your subscription.

    Pro Tip: You can run site audits for other websites.

    If you're a consultant, try running an audit for a client's website. If you're a marketer, run an audit for your competitor to see what they're doing well. You can elect to run a site audit on another website in place of one of your own biweekly audits. Do this by changing the site associated with your subscription in your account management settings. Click the link below for directions.

    You can change the site for your subscription in your account management settings.

    Note: If you are on the Agency plan, you can view 1 full Site Audit report during your trial period.

    The entire report is available once the free trial is over and your paid subscription begins. You also have the option of subscribing before your free trial is over to see the full report right away.

    Review each part of the report in this Infographic: The Anatomy of an Alexa Site Audit
  • What should I focus on?

    The Alexa Audit navigation is designed so you can narrow in on the most important topics and areas of improvements quickly. You can do this in a number of ways.

    First, we recommend reviewing your list of Recommended Actions that appears directly under your overall grades. This will be your condensed to-do list. You can review this list with your team to work out timing and determine priorities.

    Second, check out the action bar on the left side of the Audit. Here, you can filter easily to view what's most important.

    Green - you're good!
    Red - take a look; action is needed.

    Clicking on any item in this list will take you directly to the topic of interest so you can read more.

    Each topic includes recommended actions and tips to help you improve. They also include a detailed page list to point you directly to where those improvements should be made.

    Want more ideas on where to focus your efforts? Read 5 Technical Tune-ups to Optimize Your Website
  • Download Your Report

    After you've reviewed your results, translate your Site Audit into an actionable to-do list by downloading the full report. We'll generate a zip file containing PDF and CSV versions so you can save and share the results with team members.

    You can also customize your download to include only what matters to you. Download the green items to report on your progress, or download the red so you'll have a punch list of things to work on.

    It's also possible to generate PDFs for single sections within your Site Audit by clicking the "Download PDF" button on the section you're interested in.

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