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What is the Workspace and how do I use it?

What is it?

The Workspace has four sections. The Workspace for Keywords is a place to store your highest priority keywords, to organize them, and to use them in various Alexa tools. The Workspace for Sites Lists is the place to save and manage lists of sites that are related in some way (e.g. your company's competitors, companies in a similar industry or sites you want to target for guest posting or advertising). Saving these sets of sites makes it easy to perform different analyses on them any time you want. The Workspace for Sites allows you to save individual sites for future research. Lastly the Workspace for Content allows you to save popular articles for content research and planning.

How do I use the Workspace for Keywords?

From any of the Alexa keyword tools you can add a keyword to the Workspace by clicking the star icon  next to that particular keyword. Alternatively, you can click the circle icon icon-widget-2.png to add a keyword along with other information about that keyword like category, tag, notes or the website associated with this keyword.

From within the Workspace, you can click the plus icon  on the top right to directly add a keyword to your list. In your Workspace you can organize and add information to your keywords. Click the icon-widget-2.png icon next to any keyword to edit or add additional information.

  • Categories: These can be the main way of organizing keywords. You can organize them into groups based on topics (dog, cat, zebra), target personas (consultant, corporate marketer, startup founder) or campaigns (holiday, summer, back-to-school).
  • Tags: Tags provide an additional organizing function for your keywords. Tags can be sortable across categories (or within categories). With tags you can input things like who's responsible (Tom, Sara), what channel they're important for (SEO, blog post, website, eBook, PPC, social ads) or even timing (Jan, Feb).
  • Notes: Notes are a place to put any additional information or questions about a particular keyword. There is a character limit of 200 for the "notes" section.
  • Websites: A certain keyword may be related to a specific website. If it is, you can include that information in the "websites" section.

How do I use the Workspace for Site Lists?

From the Audience Overlap, Site Comparison, Competitive Keyword Matrix or Competitor Backlink Checker tools, you are able to create a site list. Once you create a list on one of these tools, it will automatically be stored for you in the Workspace. Once it's there, you can edit the site list name and which sites are in the list. You can also create a site list directly from within the Workspace for Site Lists (simply click the plus icon  on the top right). In addition to managing the lists, you can also do the following from the Workspace:

  • Use any list in tools such as the Audience Overlap Tool, Site Comparison Tool or Competitive Keyword Matrix. To use a list in a tool, click the   next to the site list name.
  • You can also add more information about a site list. Click the pencil icon   next to a list to edit that Site List. You can edit the list name, which sites are in the list and also add Categories, Tags or Notes for any site list.
  • You can also download all of the Site Lists, including the sites in the lists.
  • You can select whether to see Categories, Tags or Notes in the table by clicking the columns icon  on the top right.

How do I use the Workspace for Sites?

From the Audience Overlap, Keyword Share of Voice, or Site Screener tools, you’ll be able to select websites that you would like to save for future work or research (using the star  or circle icon-widget-2.png icons). Once they’re in the Workspace for sites, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • See each site’s Alexa Rank and Sites Linking In count
  • Add additional information such as Categories, Tags, Priority and Notes
  • Evaluate the site further using the Site Overview, Audience Overlap, Site Keywords, or Sites Linking In tools
  • Download the list of sites for offline research

How do I use the Workspace for Content?

From the Content Exploration tool, you'll be able to save popular articles for content research and planning (using the Save star  icon). Once content is saved in the Workspace, you'll be able to do the following:

  • See the Article Title, Parent Site, and date you added the content.
  • Click the article title for a content analysis on that article.
  • Click the parent site for a content analysis of the parent site.
  • Download the list of content for offline research.

Use the Workspace Keyword, Site List, Sites, and Content sections to save, manage and use your keywords, site lists, sites, and content.

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