Resolved: Traffic Builds are Delayed due to an AWS outage from 02/28

This has been resolved.

All traffic builds are up to date and running at the expected frequency now.


  • 11:30pm PT - Traffic data for 03/10 is now available.


  • 11:30pm PT - Traffic data for 03/08 is now available.


  • 8:30am PT - Traffic data for 03/06 is now available.


  • 8:30am PT - Traffic data for 03/04 is now available.
  • 1:00pm PT - Traffic data for 03/05 is now available.


  • 9:00am PT - Traffic data for 03/03 is now available.


  • 9:00am PT - Traffic data (ranks and estimates) for 03/01 is now available.
  • 5:30pm PT - Traffic data for 03/02 is now available.


  • 8:30am PT - Daily Certified Site Metrics for 02/28 and 03/01 are almost fully recovered. The traffic build is still behind. We are continuing to work on recovery.
  • 12:15pm PT - Traffic data (ranks and estimates) for 02/28 are now available. Daily certify data for 02/28 and 03/01 is fully recovered.

03/05/17 13:00 PT - We are still actively working to finalize all recovery efforts. This page will continue to be updated until all issues are fully resolved. 


  • 8:30am PT - Daily Certified Site Metrics for yesterday (03/02) and today (03/03) are appearing as expected, but we are still working on recovering metrics for 03/01 and 02/28.
  • 9:30am PT - We have verified that Alexa's traffic build is currently behind due to the AWS outage from earlier this week. We are working to get both certified and estimated metrics up to date.

03/02/17 9:00am PT - Certified Site Metrics for today are fully recovered. We are still working to recover the metrics from yesterday (03/01) and Tuesday (02/28).

03/01/17 8:30am PT - It has come to our attention that yesterday's AWS outage affected the Certified Site Metrics for some sites starting yesterday around 17:00UTC. We are working to resolve this related issue.


  • 10:20am PT - AWS is currently experiencing problems that are affecting our Site Audit, Competitor Keyword Matrix, and On-Page SEO Checker tools. Only Insight and Advanced subscribers have access to these tools. A summary of this outage can be found at You might also notice slow load times in the Keyword Difficulty and Site Screener tools.
  • 11:45am PT - On-Page SEO Checker and Competitor Keyword Matrix tools are now working again. Site Audits are still unavailable.
  • 12:55pm PT - Site Audits are intermittently reachable again as AWS begins to recover.
  • 2:30pm PT - AWS is reporting that all problems are resolved: All Alexa Pro tools are accessible again now.