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How do I let my visitors opt out of Alexa Certified Site Metrics?

In some cases, it may be necessary for you to offer your website visitors a way to opt out of data collection that supports Alexa Certified Site Metrics. You can easily add this option to your site with the information on this page: Certified Site Metrics Opt Out.

When one of your site's visitors clicks on the opt-out link, a bit of JavaScript will run in the visitor's browser and set a cookie. If the opt-out cookie is present, then the visitor's traffic will not be measured for any pages that contain the Alexa Certify Code. The visitor only needs to click on the opt-out link once in order to opt out of Alexa direct measurement for your site.

Anytime someone returns to your site on any device - mobile or desktop - we will check for the opt-out cookie. The opt-out cookie will work until the visitor clears their cookies, switches browsers, or switches computers.

For opt-out on AMP pages, see page linked to above.

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