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How does Alexa find pages for the Site Audit report?

When we run a Site Audit report for your site we find pages a few different ways:

  • Links or javascript on your site's home page
  • Via your Sitemap
  • Links or javascript on pages that appear in your sitemap or that we found from the home page
  • Redirects
  • Canonical links
  • OpenGraph links

If you notice a page that doesn't belong or the count of pages checked seems low, we recommend checking your site's link structure and redirects to make sure that the expected pages are being returned and that your site is not creating extra links that are not beneficial to your customers. You can also find some tips for why we checked a small amount of pages here: Why isn't Alexa checking all of my pages for the audit?

Note that you can block pages you'd like the report to ignore by updating your robots.txt rules: Alexa's Web and Site Audit Crawlers.

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