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We retired our Monthly Unique Visitor metric on October 1, 2019. has a long history as a trusted resource for benchmarking website popularity. In recent years, we’ve worked hard to move beyond benchmarking, and focus on delivering actionable insights to help grow your brand. While MUV provided you with a useful benchmark, we think that MUV isn’t a reliable indicator of website popularity because it doesn’t take into consideration other factors like engagement. Alexa Rank is a better proxy for website popularity because it is a blended metric of traffic and engagement. Therefore, we have retired MUV and will focus on delivering actionable insights that can guide growth decisions. recently released Content Exploration, a solution that helps marketers understand what content resonates with the audience they want to reach and engage. This helps them make better decisions about what content to create, what tone to take, and what unique angle to pursue. Coupled with our Audience Overlap tool and Competitor Keyword Matrix, marketers can now easily identify the sites that capture their audience’s attention, reveal their competitive gaps, uncover untapped keyword opportunities, and ultimately establish a competitive edge. In other words, these tools provide actionable insights.

In the future, you will see more features that are focused around revealing what resonates with your audience and what you can do to turn that insight into growth.

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