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Top Sites by Category has been retired - September 21st, 2020 has a long history providing visibility into website popularity. To expand that offering, we launched Content Exploration which helps you find the most popular articles, websites, and related topics for a given search term based on public social media engagement on Twitter and Reddit. While Top Sites By Category has been a staple in the market research workflow, we believe that bucketing sites into broad categories does not reflect the diversity that exists on the Internet today. Instead, we think it is more meaningful to represent a website’s popularity in various topics by the engagement its content gets. Therefore, we retired our Top Sites by Category list in favor of our free Popular Articles tool, which lists the top publishers and articles for hundreds of topics based on public social media engagement. For Advanced subscribers, our Content Exploration tool unlocks access to this data for unlimited topics. And it provides a comprehensive view of the various topics that a given site covers and the social engagement it receives for those topics. Furthermore, Advanced subscribers can use Audience Overlap to understand the nature of a site based on related sites that share an audience.

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