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Does Alexa measure social data?

Yes, Alexa measures social data in a few ways:

  • In our Content Exploration tool, we measure social shares of English-language web pages on both Twitter and Reddit. We aggregate and report on social metrics such as the number of shares and engagement at the topic, page and site level. Historical social metrics are also available. You can learn more about this tool here: How to use the Content Exploration Tool.
  • In our Certified Site Metrics service, we measure social traffic to a site and breakdown that traffic by social network, site, and page. You can learn more about the metrics available with certification here: What site metrics are available with the Certified Site Metrics feature?
  • In our Site Comparisons tool, we measure traffic sources to a site and aggregate them by direct, link, social, and search traffic. You can learn more about our Site Comparisons tool here: What can I do with Site Comparisons?

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